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DAA Online Community Banner Ad

Showcase your logo, product, service, or event with a sponsored ad in the Digital Analytics Association Community. Promoting your brand in the industry while having your ad or logo displayed exclusively within a specific community (i.e. Member Open Forum) or specific type of community (i.e. local chapters) to be seen in the DAA’s Community of over 8,700+ digital analytics professionals.


The ad will be attached to every discussion post and will be showcased in every email sent out by the agreed upon community (daily digest, real time, etc.). The image may link to the website of the sponsor’s choice. Only one ad is allowed per community per month, ensuring your exclusivity.

Total active Community members:

Member Open Forum: 4,700+

Women in Analytics: 850+

Average digest email open rate: 19%

Sponsorship Fee:

• $1,000 for members/$2,000 for nonmembers per month in the Member Open Forum

• $750 for members/$1,500 for nonmembers per month in the Women in Analytics forum

• $500 for members/$1,000 for nonmembers per month in any other single community (i.e. chapters)


Sponsorship includes:

• Sponsor provides logo or ad image to DAA

• Sponsor provides URL for ad image to link to

• DAA provides sponsor recognition by placing ad image provided in agreed upon Community


What image file formats are acceptable?

  • .Jpg, .gif or .png file types are acceptable.

What are the dimensions of the images?

  • Community ad image should be 130x150 pixels or similar and no larger than 200x200 pixels.

Can the ad image be changed?

  • Yes, the ad images may be updated at any time by sending a new image and URL to DAA or by sending a schedule along with multiple ad images.


  • Specify what you would like the timeframe of the ad to be, if there is a desired start and end date.

  • Avoid using animation within your images

  • You may send a URL for the ad that is a unique or vanity URL, which can be tracked using webpage analytics tool on sponsor’s end. This will allow you to see the number of page views to your site that are directly related to the ad.

  • Always test your links to make sure they function as expected.

Some of DAA's recent sponsors:

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Piano logo.jpg
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